Made by Seth Kranzler
NOTES Under no circumstances deviate from this plan, everything has been worked out, the entirety several times re-examined with the greatest care and thoroughness Detail the departure And throughout the whole, introduce a quantity of moral dissertation and diatribe, above all at the suppers "" When you produce the final version, keep a notebook; in it you will place the names of all the principal characters and the names of all those who play important roles, such as they who have several passions and who will appear several times in the romance, as, for example, the hell libertine; leave a wide margin beside their names and, as you recopy, fill it with everything you come across that has any bearing upon them; this note is very essential, it is the sole way to keep your work clear of obscurities and to avoid repetitions Edulcorate Part The First, it is much too strong; things develop too rapidly and too far in it, it cannot possibly be too soft, mild, feeble, subdued Above all, never have the four friends do anything until it has first been recounted You have not been sufficiently scrupulous in that connection "" In Part The First, say that the man who mouth-fucks the little girl prostituted by her father is the same man, of whom she has already spoken, who fucks with a dirty prick Do not forget to place somewhere in December the scene of the little girls serving supper, squirting liqueurs from their asses into Messieurs' glasses; you announced such a scene but failed to include it in the plan SUPPLEMENTARY TORTURES "—By means of a hollow tube, a mouse is introduced into her cunt, the tube is withdrawn, the cunt sewn up, and the animal, unable to get out, devours her entrails" —She is made to swallow a snake which in similar wise feeds upon her entrails "" ADDENDA In general, describe Curval and the Duc as two hot-blooded and imperious scoundrels, 'tis thus you conceived them in the plan and in Part The First, and figure the Bishop as a cool, reasoning and tough-minded villain As for Durcet, he must be mischievous, a teaser, false, traitorous, perfidious In accordance with which, have them do everything that conforms with such characters "Carefully recapitulate all the names and the qualities of all the personages your storytellers mention; this to avoid repetition" Upon one page in your notebook of characters draw the plan of the chteau, room by room, and in the blank space next to this page, itemize all the things done in each room This entire great roll was begun the 22nd of October, 1785, and finished in thirty-seven days ""