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PART THE SECOND THE 150 COMPLEX PASSIONS, OR THOSE BELONGING TO THE SECOND CLASS, COMPOSING THE THIRTY-ONE DAYS OF DECEMBER SPENT IN HEARING THE "NARRATIONS OF MADAME CHAMPVILLE; INTERSPERSED AMONGST WHICH ARE THE" "SCANDALOUS DOINGS AT THE CHTEAU DURING THAT MONTH; ALL BEING SET DOWN" IN THE FORM OF A JOURNAL "" (DRAFT) "THE 1ST OF DECEMBER: Champville assumes the task of storytelling and relates the one hundred and fifty following tales (the number of each precedes the tale)" 1 Won't depucelate any save those aged between three and seven, but only cuntishly 'Tis he who deflowers Champville at the age of five 2 He ties a girl of nine in a curled-up position and depucelates her from behind "" 3 "He wishes to rape a girl of twelve or thirteen, and depucelates her while holding a pistol against her heart" "4" He likes to frig a man upon a maiden's cunt, he uses the fuck for pomade, and next encunts the maid while she is held by the man 5 He wishes to depucelate three girls in succession, one in the cradle, one at the age of five, the other at seven THE 2ND 6 "He'll not depucelate anyone who is not between nine years old and thirteen" His prick is enormous; four women are needed to hold the virgin The same individual Martaine speaks of, who only embuggers three-year-olds, the same hell-inspired individual 7 He has his valet depucelate the maid, aged ten to twelve, before his eyes, and during the operation touches them nowhere save upon the ass He now fondles the girl's, now the valet's "" Discharges upon the valet's ass 8 He wishes to depucelate a girl destined to be married the following day 9 He wishes the marriage to be performed, and to depucelate the bride at some time between the hour of the mass and the moment the couple retires to bed "" 10 He would have his valet, a very ingenious personage, go about marrying girls left and right and bring them to his master, who therewith fucks them, and next sells them to procuresses THE 3RD 11 "He must be provided with two sisters; he depucelates them" "" "12" He marries the girl, depucelates her, but 'tis all a fraud, the marriage is a fraud, once he's fucked her, he leaves her "13" He will only fuck a maid, and then only immediately after another man has deflowered her while he has watched He must have her cunt muddied up with sperm 14 "This one depucelates with an artificial engine, very large, and, without introducing himself, discharges upon the hole he has cleared" "" "15" He will have none but maids of rank and distinction and pays for them in accordance with their wealth This individual proves to be the Duc, who will admit having depucelated more than fifteen hundred of them over a period of thirty years "THE 4TH" 16 He forces a brother to fuck his sister in his presence, then fucks her afterward; he obliges both to shit before-hand 17 He forces a father to fuck his daughter after he has himself had her maidenhead "18" He brings his nine-year-old daughter to the brothel, and while she is held by a procuress, depucelates her "He has had twelve daughters; has had all twelve maidenheads" 19 Must have virgins between the ages of thirty and forty to fuck 20 He will depucelate no one but nuns, and spends immense sums of money to get them; he fucks several 'Tis the evening of the 4th of December, at the orgies, the Duc depucelates Fanny, who is held by "the four governesses and ministered by Duclos" He fucks her twice in a row, she faints, the second time he fucks her while she is unconscious THE 5TH To celebrate the fifth week's festival, Hyacinthe and Fanny are joined in matrimony, the marriage is consummated very publicly 21 He would have the mother hold her daughter, he first fucks the mother, then depucelates the daughter while she is held by the mother The same one Desgranges mentions on the 20th of February "22" He likes adultery only; one must locate women for him who are generally known to be virtuous and well behaved, he makes them disgusted with their husbands "23" "He enjoys having the husband come himself to prostitute his wife and hold her while he fucks her" (Messieurs imitate that passion forthwith ) 24 He places a married woman upon a bed, encunts her while that woman's daughter, suspended above, presents him with her cunt to be licked; the next instant he effects a reversal and encunts the daughter while kissing the mother's asshole When he has done licking the daughter's cunt, he has her piss; then he kisses the mother's asshole and has her shit 25 He has four daughters, legitimate and wedded; he wishes to fuck all four: he makes all four of them conceive and bear children so as someday to have the pleasure of depucelating the children he has had by his daughters and whom their husbands suppose to be their own "Apropos of which the Duc recounts—but his anecdote cannot be numbered amongst the stories because, Messieurs being unable to duplicate it, it does not compose a passion—the Duc recounts, I say, that he once knew a man who fucked three children he had by his mother, amongst whom there was a daughter whom he had marry his son, so that in fucking her he fucked his sister, his daughter and his daughter-in-law, and thus he also constrained his son to fuck his own sister and mother-in-law" Curval recounts another unusual history, that of a brother and a sister who reached an agreement whereby each would surrender his children to the other: the sister had a boy and a girl, so did the brother They mixed the pudding in such wise that sometimes they fucked their nephews, sometimes their own children, and sometimes their first cousins, or else the brothers and sister would fuck while the father and mother, that is to say, the brother and sister, fucked one another also "That evening, Fanny is surrendered cuntwardly to the assembly, but as the Bishop and Monsieur Durcet do not fuck cunts, she is only fucked by Curval and the Duc" Henceforth, she wears a small ribbon aslant, like a baldric, and after the loss of both her pucelages she will wear a very wide pink ribbon "" THE 6TH 26 He has himself frigged while a woman is being frigged about the clitoris, and he wishes to discharge at the same time the girl does, but he discharges upon the buttocks of the man who frigs the girl 27 He kisses the asshole of one girl while a second girl frigs his ass and a third his prick; they then exchange tasks, so that, when all is said and done, each of the three has her ass kissed, each frigs his prick, each frigs his ass "Farts are required of them all" "" 28 He licks the cunt of one girl while fucking a second in the mouth and while his asshole is being licked by a third; then exchange of positions as above The cunts must discharge, he swallows their balm "29" He sucks a beshitted ass, has a tongue frig his own beshitted asshole, and frigs himself upon a beshitted ass; the three girls then exchange positions "30" He has two girls frigged before his eyes, and alternately fucks the friggeresses from the rear, but in the cunt, while they continue with their sapphotizings Zéphyr and Cupidon are upon that day discovered in the act of frigging each other, but they have not yet had recourse to reciprocal embuggery; they are punished Fanny is much encunted at the orgies THE 7TH 31 He would have an older girl introduce a younger girl to bad habits; the older must frig her, give her wicked advice, and end up by holding her while he fucks her, whether virgin or not 32 He calls for four women; he fucks two of them orally, two cuntwardly, taking great care not to insert his prick in a mouth until having first had it in a cunt While all this is going on, he is closely followed by a fifth woman, who throughout frigs his asshole with a dildo "" 33 This libertine requires a dozen women, six young, six old and, if 'tis possible, six of them should be mothers and the other six their daughters "He pumps out their cunts, asses and mouths; when applying his lips to the cunt, he wants copious urine; when at the mouth, much saliva; when at the ass, abundant farts" "" 34 He employs eight women to frig him; each of the eight must be situated in a different posture "" (This had better be illustrated by a drawing ")" "35" Wishes to have three men and three women fucking each other in divers attitudes THE 8TH 36 He forms twelve groups of two girls each; they are so arranged only their asses are visible to him; all the rest of their bodies must be concealed from his sight "He frigs himself while studying all those buttocks" "" 37 He has six couples simultaneously frig themselves in a room paneled with mirrors; each couple is composed of two girls frigging each other in various and equally lubricious postures He is in the middle of the room, he regards both the couples and their reflections, and discharges in the middle of it all, having been frigged by an old woman He has kissed the buttocks of every participant in this drama 38 "He has four streetwalkers besot themselves with wine and then fight with each other while he looks on; and when they are thoroughly drunk, they one after another vomit into his mouth" He favors the oldest and ugliest women possible 39 He has a girl shit in his mouth, but does not eat her turd, and while the first girl is in action, a second sucks his prick and frigs his ass; while discharging, he shits into the hand of the girl who is socratizing him The girls exchange places "" 40 He has a man shit into his mouth and eats while a little boy frigs him, then the man frigs him and he has the boy shit That evening, at the orgies, Curval depucelates Michette, in front: she is held by the four duennas and ministered by Duclos; this arrangement is the conventional one and is observed upon all occasions; therefore we will not allude to it again THE 9TH 41 He fucks one girl in her mouth just after having shitted into the same receptacle; a second girl is lying on top of the first, with the first girl's head between her thighs, and upon the face of the second girl a third girl drops a turd, and he, while thus fucking his own turd in the first girl's mouth, eats the shit deposited by the third girl upon the second girl's face, and then they alternate roles, in such wise that each girl enacts all three of them 42 "Thirty girls pass through his hands during a given day, and he has them all shit into his mouth, consumes the turds of the three or four prettiest" He repeats this party five times a week, which means that he sees 7800 girls a year When Champville first encounters him, he is seventy years old and has been in business for fifty "" "43" He sees twelve girls every morning and swallows their dozen turds; he sees them all at the same time 44 He places himself in a bathtub; thirty women come up one after another and piss and shit into it till it is full; he discharges while paddling about in all that 45 He shits in the presence of four women, requires them to watch and indeed help deliver him of his turd; next, he wishes them to divide it into equal parts and eat it; then each woman does a turd of her own "He mixes them and swallows the entire batter, but his shit-furnishers have got to be women of at least sixty" "That evening Michette's cunt is put at the disposal of the assembly; thereafter she wears the little sash" THE 10TH 46 He has girls A and B shit Then he forces B to eat A's turd, and A to eat B's "Then both A and B shit a second time; he eats both their turds" 47 He requires a mother and her three daughters, and he eats the girls' shit upon the mother's ass, and the mother's shit upon one daughter's ass 48 He obliges a daughter to shit into her mother's mouth and to wipe her ass with her mother's teats; next, he eats the turd in the mother's mouth, and afterward has the mother shit into her daughter's mouth, whence, as before, he eats the turd (It would perhaps be advisable to substitute a son and a mother, in order to create a contrast with 47 ")" 49 He wishes a father to eat his son's turd, then he eats the father's 50 He would have the brother shit in his sister's cunt, and he eats the turd; the sister then must shit in her brother's mouth "He eats this second turd, too" THE 11TH 51 Champville announces she is now going to speak of impieties, and makes mention of a man who wishes the whore, while frigging him, to pronounce dreadful blasphemies; in his turn he utters terrible ones His amusement during their dialogue consists in kissing her ass; he does no more than that "52" He would have a girl come with him to a church, and frig him there, especially at the time the holy sacrament is exposed "He situates himself as near to the altar as possible, and fondles her ass while she performs her task" 53 "He goes to confession for the sole purpose of making his confessor's prick rise aloft; he lists a quantity of infamous misdeeds, and frigs himself in the confessional all the while he speaks" 54 He wishes the girl to go and make her confession, then fucks her orally the moment she emerges from the confessional 55 He fucks a whore throughout a mass being said in his private chapel, and discharges when the Host is raised "That evening, the Duc depucelates Sophie cuntwardly, and while doing so blasphemes considerably" THE 12TH "56" He buys a confessor, who yields him his place; thus he is able to hear the young pensionnaires' confessions and to give them the worst possible advice while pardoning them their sins "57" He would have his daughter go to confess to a monk he has previously bribed, and he is placed where he can overhear everything; but the monk demands that the penitent keep her skirts raised high while she catalogues her faults, and her ass posted within plain sight of the father: thus he is able to hear his daughter's confession and contemplate her ass at the same time "" 58 Has mass celebrated for completely naked whores; while observing the spectacle, he frigs his prick upon another girl's ass 59 "He has his wife go to confess to a monk he has bought: the monk seduces the wife and fucks her in front of her husband, who is hidden" If the wife refuses, he emerges from hiding and helps the monk force her On that day they celebrate the sixth week's festival with the marriage of Céladon and Sophie, which union is consummated, and in the evening Sophie's cunt is put generally to use, and she dons the sash Because of this event only four passions are recounted on the 12th "" THE 13TH "60" Fucks whores on the altar at the same moment mass is about to be said; they have their naked asses on the sacred stone "" 61 "He has a naked girl sit astride and bend forward over a large crucifix; he fucks her cunt from behind while she is thus crouched down in such wise the head of Christ frigs her clitoris" 62 He farts and has the whore fart in the chalice, he pisses thereinto and has her piss thereinto, he shits thereinto and has her shit thereinto, and finally he discharges into the chalice 63 He has a small boy shit upon the paten, and he eats this while the boy sucks him 64 He has two girls shit upon a crucifix, he shits thereupon when they have finished, and he is frigged against the three turds covering the idol's face THE 14TH 65 He breaks up a crucifix, smashes several images of the Virgin and the Eternal Father, shits upon the debris and burns the whole mess The same man has the mania of bringing a whore to hear the sermon and having himself frigged while listening to the word of God "66" "He takes communion and, the wafer still in his mouth, has four whores shit upon it" 67 He has her go to communion and fucks her in the mouth when she returns "68" "He interrupts a priest in the midst of saying mass in his private chapel, interrupts him, I say, in order to frig himself into the chalice, obliges the whore to frig the priest thereinto, and forces the latter to quaff the mead" "" (Passion Number 69 omitted by Sade — Tr ) 70 He intervenes directly the Host is consecrated and forces the priest to fuck the whore with the Host Upon this day Augustine and Zelmire are found frigging together; they are both rigorously punished THE 15TH 71 He has the girl fart upon the Host, himself farts thereupon, and then swallows the Host while fucking the whore 72 The same man who had himself nailed into a coffin—Duclos mentioned him—compels the whore to shit upon the Host; he also shits upon it and flings the whole affair into a privy "73" Frigs the whore's clitoris with the Host, has her discharge upon it, then buries it in her cunt and fucks her, discharging upon it in his turn 74 Chops it up with a knife and has the crumbs rammed into his asshole 75 Has himself frigged and then discharges upon the Host and finally, when he is restored to perfect calm and after his fuck has flowed, feeds biscuit and all to a dog The same evening, the Bishop consecrates a Host and Curval destroys Hébé's maidenhead with it, he drives it into her cunt and discharges thereupon "Several others are consecrated, and the already depucelated sultanas are all fucked with Hosts" "" "THE 16TH" Profanation, Champville announces, lately the principal element in her stories, will from now on be no more accessory, and what, to borrow the brothel term, are known as little ceremonies are going to provide the main ingredient in the following complex passions She asks her auditors to remember that everything connected with that will be presented merely as secondary matter, but that the difference subsisting between her stories and the examples Duclos has given, is that Duclos always pictured a man with one woman, whereas she, Champville, will always show several women administering to a single man "76" He has himself flogged by one girl during mass, he fucks a second girl orally, and he discharges when the Host is elevated 77 "He has two women gently flog his ass with a martinet; each woman bestows ten stripes, alternating them with asshole friggery" "78" He has himself whipped by four different girls while farts are being launched into his mouth: the girls take turns, so that each will have had a chance both to whip and to fart 79 He has himself whipped by his wife while he fucks his daughter, next by his daughter while he fucks his wife; this is the same individual Duclos spoke of, the same man who prostituted his wife and daughter in her whorehouse "" 80 He has himself whipped simultaneously by two girls, one flogs the front of him, the other his rear, and when at last he has been well stimulated, he fucks one of them while the other plies the lash, then the second while the first flogs him That same evening Hébé's cunt is made available to the public, and she wears the little sash, not being entitled to the large one until she has lost both her pucelages THE 17TH 81 He has himself flogged while kissing a boy's ass and while fucking a girl in the mouth, then he fucks the boy in the mouth while kissing the girl's asshole, the while constantly receiving the lash from another girl, then he has the boy flog him, orally fucks the whore who'd been whipping him, and then has himself flogged by the girl whose ass he had been kissing "" 82 He has himself whipped by an old woman, fucks an old man in the mouth, and has the daughter of this aged couple shit into his own mouth, then changes so that, ultimately, everyone takes his turn in each role 83 He has himself whipped while frigging himself and while discharging upon a crucifix propped up by a girl's buttocks "84" He has himself whipped while fucking a whore from the rear, using his prick to tamp a Host into her fundament 85 He passes an entire brothel in review; he receives the lash from all the whores while kissing the madame's asshole and receiving therefrom into his mouth both wind and rain and hailstones "THE 18TH" "86" He has himself whipped by teams of cab drivers and chimney sweeps who pass two at a time, one plying the lash, the other farting in his mouth; he employs ten or twelve in a morning "87" He has himself held by three girls, he gets down on hands and knees, a fourth girl mounts astride him and thrashes him; each member of the quartet takes her turn mounting and flogging him 88 Naked, he puts himself in the midst of six girls; he is conscience-stricken, asks to be forgiven, casts himself down upon his knees Each girl decrees a penance, and he is given one hundred strokes for each penance he refuses to do: 'tis the girl he refuses who whips him Well, these penances are all exceedingly unpleasant: one would like to shit into his mouth; another have him lick up her spittle from the floor; a third is menstruating and would have him lick her cunt clean; the fourth hasn't washed her feet, will he kindly lick between her toes; the fifth has snot awaiting his tongue, etc 89 Fifteen girls arrive in teams of three: one whips him, one sucks him, the other shits; then she who shitted, whips; she who sucked, shits; she who whipped, sucks And so he proceeds till he has had done with all fifteen; he sees nothing, heeds nothing, is wild with joy: a procuress is in charge of the game He renews this party six times each week (This one is truly charming and has my infinite recommendation; the thing has got to move very briskly along, each girl must bestow twenty-give strokes of the whip, and it is between whippings that the first sucks and the third shits If you would prefer fifty strokes from each girl, that will total up to seven hundred fifty, a very agreeable figure, not by any means excessive ) 90 Twenty-five whores soften up his ass with a quantity of slaps and fondlings; he is not sent away until his ass has become completely insensible That evening the Duc is flogged while culling Zelmire's forward maidenhead THE 19TH 91 He has himself tried by a jury of six whores; each knows the role she is to play He is sentenced to be hanged "And hanged he is; but the cord snaps: 'tis the instant he discharges" (Relate this to similar ones Duclos described ) "92" He arranges six old women in a semicircle; while three young whores lash him, the six crones spit in his face 93 "A girl frigs his asshole with the handle of a cat-o'-nine-tails, a second girl whips his thighs and prick from the front; 'tis thus he is made eventually to discharge over the tits of the whipper posted before him" "94" Two women flay him with bulls' pizzles while a third, kneeling before him, causes him to discharge upon her breasts "She recounts only four that day because of the marriage of Zelmire and Adonis which marks the seventh week's conclusion, and which is consummated, Zelmire having been depucelated, with what regards the cunt, the night before" THE 20TH 95 "He struggles with six women, the cuts of whose whips he pretends to wish to avoid; he strives to snatch the whips from their hands, but they are too strong for him and fustigate him none the less" He is naked 96 He runs the gauntlet between two ranks of twelve girls who are wielding switches; he is whipped all about the body and discharges after the ninth race 97 He has the soles of his feet whipped, then his prick, then his thighs while, as he lies upon a couch, three women successively mount astride him and shit in his mouth 98 "Three girls alternately flog him, one with a martinet, one with a bull's pizzle, the other with a cat-o'-nine-tails" A fourth, kneeling before him and whose asshole the lecher's lackey is frigging, sucks the master's prick while frigging the lackey's, which he has discharge upon his sucker's buttocks 99 He is amidst six girls: one pricks him with a needle, the second uses pincers on him, the third burns him, the fourth bites him, the fifth scratches him, the sixth flagellates him All that everywhere upon his body, indiscriminately He discharges in the thick of this activity That evening Zelmire, depucelated on 18th of December, is surrendered cuntwardly to the assembly—to, that is to say, Curval and the Duc, who alone of the four friends fuck cunts "Once Curval has fucked Zelmire, his hatred for Adelaide and Constance redoubles; he wishes to have Constance minister to Zelmire" THE 21ST 100 He has himself frigged by his lackey while the girl, naked, balances upon a narrow pedestal; all the while he is being frigged, she may neither budge nor lose her equilibrium "101" He has the procuress frig him while he fondles her buttocks; and meanwhile, between her fingers, the girl holds a very short candle which she must not drop until the roué has spat out his fuck; he is very careful not to discharge before the girl's fingers have been seared 102 "He sups at an immense table; for light, he has six burning candles, each inserted in the ass of a naked girl lying upon the dining table" 103 While he takes his supper he has a girl kneel on sharp pebbles, and if in the course of the entire meal she stirs, she is not paid Above her are two tilted candles whence hot tallow spills upon her bare back and breasts She need but make the slightest movement and she is packed off without being paid a sou 104 He obliges her to remain four days in a very narrow iron cage, wherein she can neither sit nor lie down; he feeds her through the bars He is the one Desgranges will mention in connection with the turkey's ballet "" That same evening, Curval depucelates Colombe's cunt THE 22ND "105" He wraps a girl and a cat in a large blanket, has her stand and dance about; the cat bites, scratches her as she falls to the floor; but, come what may, she must skip and leap, and continue her antics until the man discharges 106 "He massages a woman with a certain substance which causes her skin to itch so violently that she scratches herself till her blood flows; he watches her at work, frigging himself the while" 107 "He gives a woman a potion to drink, it halts her menstruating, and thus he makes her run the risk of grave illness" "" "108" "He makes her swallow a medicine intended for horses, it causes her horrible gripes and colics; he watches her suffer and shit all day long" "109" He rubs a naked girl with honey, then binds her to a column and releases upon her a swarm of large flies "" That same evening, Colombe's cunt is put at the free disposition of the company "" THE 23RD 110 He places the girl upon a pivot which revolves with prodigious speed She is naked and bound and turns until he discharges 111 He keeps a girl suspended head downward until he discharges 112 Makes her swallow a heavy dose of emetic, persuades her she has been poisoned, and frigs himself while watching her vomit 113 Kneads and mauls her breasts until they are entirely black and blue "114" Kneads and maltreats her ass for three hours; he repeats this rite for nine days in succession THE 24TH 115 He has a girl climb a tall ladder until she is at least twenty feet above the ground, at which point a rung cracks and she falls, but upon mattresses prepared in advance; he walks up to her and discharges upon her body the very moment she lands, and sometimes he chooses this instant to fuck her "" 116 He slaps a girl's face with all his strength and discharges while so doing; he is seated in a comfortable chair and the girl is upon her knees, facing him 117 Beats her knuckles with hickory ferrules 118 Powerful slaps upon her buttocks until her behind is scarlet "" 119 "Inserts the nozzle of a bellows in her asshole; he inflates her" "120" He introduces an enema of almost boiling water into her bowels, then amuses himself observing her writhe, and discharges upon her ass That evening, Aline's ass is soundly slapped by the four colleagues, who keep it up until her ass is crimson; a duenna holds her by the shoulders "A few slaps are bestowed upon Augustine's ass, too" "THE 25TH" 121 He has some pious women recruited for his pleasure, beats them with a crucifix and rosaries, and then has each of them pose as a statue of the Virgin upon an altar, but pose in a cramped position from which they are not to budge They must remain thus throughout an exceedingly long mass; when at last the Elevation occurs, each woman is to shit upon the Host 122 Has her run naked about a garden at night, the season is winter, the weather freezing; here and there are stretched cords upon which she trips and falls 123 When she has removed all her clothes, he casts her, as if by accident, into a vat of nearly boiling water and prevents her from climbing out until he has first discharged upon her body "124" Naked, on a wintry day she is secured to a post in the middle of a garden and there she remains until she has repeated five Pater Nosters and five Hail Marys, or until he has yielded his fuck, which another girl excites to flow as he contemplates the spectacle "" 125 He spreads a powerful glue upon the rim of a privy seat and sends the girl in to shit; directly she sits down, her ass is caught fast Meanwhile, from the other side a small charcoal brazier is introduced beneath her ass Scorched, she leaps up, leaving an almost perfect circle of skin behind her "" That evening profane tricks are played at the expense of Adelaide and Sophie, the two believers, and the Duc depucelates Augustine, of whom he has been passionately fond for weeks; thrice he discharges into her cunt "And that same evening the idea enters his head to have her run naked through the courtyard, dreadful though the weather be" He proposes the idea with great energy and in forceful language, but his confreres regretfully reject it, saying that Augustine is very pretty and that the program calls for her further use; and, the Bishop points out, she still has not been depucelated aft "The Duc offers to pay two hundred louis into the common fund if the society will allow him to take her down into the cellars at once; he is again refused" "He wishes at least that she have her ass spanked; she receives twenty-five blows from each friend" "But the Duc applies his with his fist and discharges a fourth time between the eighteenth and nineteenth" He requisitions her for his bed and that night encunts her thrice again "THE 26TH" 126 He gets the girl thoroughly drunk, she lies down to sleep While asleep, her bed is raised Toward the middle of the night, she reaches down for her chamber pot; not finding it within reach, she gropes further and tumbles out upon a mattress; the man awaits her there and fucks her as soon as she has fallen "127" He has her run naked about the garden, he follows after her, brandishing a cabman's whip, but only threatens her with it "She is obliged to run until she falls from weariness; at which instant he springs upon her and fucks her" "128" He bestows one hundred strokes, ten at a time, with a martinet of black silk; between each series of blows, he kisses the girl's ass with great fervor 129 He flogs her with a cat-o'-nine-tails whose thongs have been steeped in brandy, and does not discharge until the girl's blood is flowing Then he discharges upon her buttocks Champville recounts only four passions on the 26th of December because it is the day of the eight week's festival "It is celebrated by the marriage of Zéphyr and Augustine, both of whom belong to the Duc and lie at night in his chamber; but prior to the ceremony, His Grace would have Curval flog the boy while he, Blangis, flogs the girl; and 'tis done" Each receives a hundred lashes, but the Duc, more than ever aroused by Augustine because she has made him discharge frequently, lays on very emphatically and is content with nothing short of much blood In connection with that evening's entertainments, we must fully explain the character of the Saturday punishments—how they are meted out and how many lashes are distributed You might draw up a list itemizing the crimes and, to the right, the appropriate number of lashes "THE 27TH" 130 He likes to whip none but little girls between the ages of five and seven, and always finds a pretext so as to make it appear as if he were punishing them "131" "A woman comes to confess to him, he is a priest; she recites all her sins, and by way of penance, he gives her five hundred lashes" 132 He receives four women and gives each six hundred lashes "133" "He has the same ceremony performed in his presence by two valets, one relieving the other when his arm is fatigued by the whipping; twenty women are dealt with, each merits six hundred strokes: the women are not bound" He frigs himself while the work is in progress "" 134 He flogs only boys aged from fourteen to sixteen, and he has them discharge into his mouth afterward Each is warmed by one hundred lashes; he always sees two at a sitting "Augustine's cunt is surrendered that evening; Curval encunts her twice and, like the Duc, wishes to whip her when he has had done with her" Both gentlemen fall upon that charming girl like ravenous beasts; they propose a contribution of four hundred louis to the common fund in exchange for permission to take her in hand together that same evening; their offer is rejected THE 28TH 135 "He has a naked girl enter a chamber; whereupon two men fall upon her and each whips one of her buttocks until it is raw" She is bound When 'tis over, he frigs the men's pricks upon the whore's bleeding ass, and frigs himself thereupon also 136 "She is bound hand and foot to the wall" Facing her, and also attached to the wall, is a blade of steel adjusted to the height of her belly If she strives to avoid a blow, it is forward she must lunge; she cuts herself If she wishes to avoid the blade, she must fling herself backward toward the lash 137 "He flogs a girl, giving her one hundred lashes the first day, two hundred the second, four hundred the third, etc" , etc , and ceases on the ninth day 138 He has the whore descend on all fours, climbs upon her back and faces her buttocks; he squeezes his legs tight about her ribs "Once in the saddle, he brings his lash down upon her ass and curls the thongs round to her cunt, and as for this operation he employs a martinet, he has no trouble directing his blows so that they carry into the vagina's interior, and that is just what he does" "139" He must have a pregnant woman, he has her bend backward over a cylinder which supports her back Her head, on the other side of the cylinder, rests upon the seat of a chair and is secured to it; her hair is strewn about, her legs tied as far apart as possible and her swollen belly appears stretched exceedingly taut; her cunt fairly yawns in his face 'Tis upon her belly he beats a tattoo, and when his whip has brought a profusion of blood into sight, he walks round to the other side of the cylinder and discharges upon her face N B "—According to my notes, the adoptions do not occur until after defloration, hence say that the Duc adopts Augustine at this point" Verify whether or not this is true, and whether the adoption of the four sultanas does not occur at the very beginning, and whether at the beginning it is not said that they sleep in the bedrooms of the friends who have adopted them That evening, the Duc repudiates Constance, who therewith falls into the greatest discredit; however, they treat her with some consideration, because of her pregnancy, in connection with which Messieurs have certain plans Augustine now passes for the Duc's wife, and hereafter performs none but a wife's functions upon the sofa and in the chapel Constance descends in rank to below that of the governesses THE 29TH 140 He works exclusively with girls of fifteen, and he flogs them with sting nettles and holly until they are bleeding; his taste in asses is highly developed, he is not easy to please "141" Flogs only with a bull's pizzle, continuing until the buttocks are in tatters; he uses four women one after another 142 Flogs only with steel-tipped martinets, discharges only when blood is flowing generally "" 143 "The same man of whom Desgranges will speak on the 20th of February requires pregnant women; he flogs with a bullwhip, by means of which he is able to remove respectable chunks of flesh from the buttocks; from time to time he aims a blow or two at her belly" Rosette is flogged that evening, and Curval has her forward maidenhead The intrigue between Hercule and Julie is brought to light; she has been having herself fucked When scolded for her misbehavior, she replies libertinely; she is therewith whipped extraordinarily "Then, because Messieurs are fond of her, and also of Hercule, who has given yeoman service so far, they are pardoned and frolicked with" THE 30TH 144 He places a candle at a certain height "Attached to the middle finger of her right hand is a piece of bread soaked in wax and set afire; if she does not make haste, she'll be burned" Her task is, with this bit of ignited bread, to light the other candle set high upon the shelf; she is obliged to leap in order to reach it; the libertine, armed with a leathern-thonged whip, lashes her with all his strength, to encourage her to leap higher and to light the candle more quickly If she succeeds, there's an end to the game; if not, she is flogged till she falls unconscious 145 He flogs first his wife, then his daughter, and prostitutes them at the brothel in order to have them whipped while he looks on, but this is not the same man of whom we have already spoken 146 Whips with a cat-o'-nine-tails, from the nape of the neck to the calves of the legs; the girl is bound, he excoriates her entire back "" 147 "Whips breasts only; he insists that they be exceedingly large" And pays twice the sum when the woman is pregnant "Rosette's cunt is delivered up to the society that evening; after Curval and the Duc have thoroughly fucked it, they and their colleagues thoroughly whip it" "She is down on her hands and knees; Messieurs take care to drive the martinet's steel tips well up into her" "" THE 31ST 148 He whips the face only, using a bundle of dry switches; he must have charming faces Desgranges will refer to him on the 7th of February 149 Using switches, he impartially lashes the entire body, sparing nothing, face, cunt, and breasts included 150 Gives two hundred blows of the bull's pizzle, these being distributed evenly up and down the backs of lads aged from sixteen to twenty "151" He is in a room, four girls arouse and flog him; when at last he is all afire, he leaps upon a fifth girl, who is naked and awaiting him in the next room and, wielding a bull's pizzle, he assails whatever of her he can reach, maintaining the hail of blows until he discharges; but in order that his ejaculation arrive sooner and the patient suffer less, he is not sent into the second room until his discharge is imminent (Find out why there is one too many ")" Champville is applauded, the same honors are bestowed upon her that were given Duclos, and that evening both storytellers dine with Messieurs Later, at the orgies, Adelaide, Aline, Augustine, and Zelmire are condemned to be whipped with switches all over the body save upon the breasts, but as the friends are to sport with them for another two months, they are treated circumspectly ""