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"PART THE THIRD" THE 150 CRIMINAL PASSIONS, OR THOSE BELONGING TO THE THIRD CLASS, COMPOSING THE THIRTY-ONE DAYS OF JANUARY PASSED IN HEARING THE NARRATIONS OF MADAME MARTAINE; INTERSPERSED AMONGST WHICH ARE THE SCANDALOUS DOINGS AT THE CHTEAU DURING THAT MONTH; ALL BEING SET DOWN IN THE FORM OF A JOURNAL "(DRAFT)" THE 1ST OF JANUARY "1" "He loves nothing but to have himself embuggered, and he is never able to find too thick a prick" But, says Martaine, she'll not lay much emphasis upon this passion which is too simple a taste and one wherewith her auditors are far too well acquainted 2 He wishes to depucelate none but little girls between the ages of three and seven, in the bum "This is the man who had her pucelage in this manner: she was four years old, the ordeal caused her to fall ill, her mother implored this man to give aid, money" "But his heart was of flint…" "And this man is the same one of whom Duclos spoke on the 29th of November; the same again who appears in Champville's story of the 2nd of December" He has a prick of colossal proportions, he is enormously rich He depucelates two little girls every day: one of them in the cunt, in the morning, as Champville related on the 2nd of December, the other in the bum, in the afternoon; and he has a quantity of other passions as well Four women held Martaine when he embuggered her His discharge lasts six minutes, and he bellows like a bull while it is in progress His simple, straightforward, and adroit method of threading her needle, even though she was a young thing of four; describe all that "" 3 Her mother sells the pucelage of Martaine's older brother to a man who sodomizes boys only, and who would have them exactly seven years old "4" She is now thirteen, her brother fifteen; they go to the home of a man who constrains the brother to fuck his sister, and who alternately fucks now the boy's ass, now the girl's, while they are in each other's clutches "Martaine proudly describes her ass; Messieurs request her to display it, she exhibits it from the platform" The man she has just spoken of, she continues, is the same person who figured in Duclos' story of the 21st of November, the Comte, and who will appear in Desgranges' of the 24th of February "" 5 He has himself fucked while embuggering the brother and sister; the same personage Desgranges will refer to on the 24th of February "" That same evening, the Duc depucelates the bum of Hébé, who is merely twelve The operation succeeds only at the price of infinite trouble: she is held by the four duennas and administered by Duclos and Champville And as there is to be a festival on the morrow, in order that things run smoothly then, Hébé's ass is also, on the evening of the 1st of January, surrendered to the society, and all four friends take full advantage of it She is carried away unconscious; has been buggered seven times (Martaine must not say that she has a uterine deformity; that would be false ") THE 2ND" 6 He has four girls fart in his mouth all the while he embuggers a fifth, then he changes girls All rotate: all fart, all are embuggered; he does not discharge until he has finished with the fifth ass 7 Amuses himself with three small boys: embuggers and has each of them shit, puts all three to each task, and frigs the boy who is inactive "8" "He fucks the sister in the mouth while having her brother shit into his mouth, then he reverses their roles, and during both exercises he is embuggered" "" 9 He embuggers none but girls of fifteen, but only after having, by way of preliminary, flogged them with all his strength 10 For an hour he pinches and molests her buttocks and asshole, then embuggers her while she is flogged with exceeding violence The ninth week's festival is celebrated upon that day: Hercule weds Hébé and fucks her cuntwardly Curval and the Duc take turns sodomizing first the husband, then the wife THE 3RD 11 He embuggers only during mass, and discharges at the moment of the Elevation of the Host "12" He embuggers only while kicking a crucifix about in the dust; the girl must treat it with like contempt "" "13" The man who amused himself with Eugénie on Duclos' eleventh day has the girl shit, wipes the well-beshitted ass; he possesses an outsized prick, and embuggers, ploughing into the asshole behind a consecrated Host 14 Embuggers a youth, has a second youth embugger him, both ploughing, as above, behind a protective Host; upon the nape of the neck of the boy he is embuggering rests another Host, and a third youth shits thereupon He discharges thus, without changing position, but while uttering fearful blasphemies 15 He embuggers the priest while the latter is in the act of saying mass, and when the priest has performed the consecration, the fucker withdraws for a moment; profiting from this brief interval, the priest buries the Host in his ass, the fucker returns straightway to work and re-embuggers him, tamping in the wafer "" That evening, Curval, with a Host depucelates in the bum the young and charming Zélamir And Antinoüs fucks the Président with another Host; while fucking, the Président's tongue pushes a third into Fanchon's asshole THE 4TH 16 He likes to embugger none but very aged women while they are being lashed "17" Embuggers only very aged men while being fucked 18 "Has a regular intrigue with his son" "19" Will embugger none but monsters, or blackamoors, or deformed persons 20 In order to combine incest, adultery, sodomy and sacrilege, he embuggers his married daughter with a Host That evening the four friends avail themselves of Zélamir's ass THE 5TH 21 He has two men alternately fuck and flagellate him while he embuggers a young boy and while an old man sheds a turd into his mouth He eats the turd 22 Two men take turns fucking him, one in the mouth, the other in the ass; this exercise must last no less than three hours by the clock He swallows the fuck emanating from him who fucks him in the mouth "" 23 He has himself fucked by ten men, whom he pays so much by the discharge; during a given day he withstands as many as twenty-four without himself discharging "" 24 For the purposes of ass-fuckery, he prostitutes his wife, his daughter, and his sister, and watches the proceedings 25 "He employs eight men at a time: one in his mouth, one in his ass, one beneath his left testicle, one beneath his right; he frigs two others, each with one hand, he lodges a seventh between his thighs and the eighth frigs himself upon his face" That evening, the Duc deflowers Michette's ass and causes her frightful pain THE 6TH 26 He has an elderly man embuggered in his presence; several times over the prick is removed from that ancient asshole, it is placed in the mouth of the examiner, who sucks it, then sucks the old man's prick, sucks his asshole, and penetrates it while he who has been fucking the old man now embuggers the lecher, and is lashed by the lecher's governess For the lecher is still a young man "27" He vigorously constricts the neck of the fifteen-year-old girl he is embuggering—choking her neck has the effect of tightening her anus; meanwhile, he is flogged with a bull's pizzle "" "28" "He has large spheres of quicksilver inserted into his bowels" These spheres rise up in his entrails, then descend, and during the excessive titillation caused thereby, he sucks pricks, swallows fuck, has shit out of whores' asses, bolts turds This ecstasy lasts a good two hours "29" He would have himself embuggered by the father while he sodomizes that father's son and daughter "" Michette's ass is surrendered to the company that evening Durcet selects Martaine for his bedroom companion, following the precedent established by the Duc, who has Duclos, and by Curval, who has Fanchon; Martaine has begun to exert upon Durcet much the same lubricious influence Duclos exerts upon Blangis "THE 7TH" "30" "He fucks a turkey whose head is gripped between the legs of a girl lying on her belly—while in action he looks quite as if he were embuggering the girl" "While he is at work he is being sodomized, and the moment he discharges, the girl cuts the turkey's throat" 31 He fucks a goat from behind while being flogged; the goat conceives and gives birth to a monster Monster though it be, he embuggers it 32 He embuggers bucks "33" "Wishes to see a woman discharge after having been frigged by a dog; and he shoots the dog dead while its head is between the woman's thighs" But he does not harm the woman 34 Embuggers a swan after having popped a Host up into its ass; then strangles the bird upon discharging "This same evening, the Bishop embuggers Cupidon for the first time" "" THE 8TH 35 He has himself placed in a specially prepared wickerwork structure provided with an opening at one end; against this opening he places his asshole after having anointed it with mare's fuck The structure he is in represents a mare's body and is covered with horsehide A genuine horse is fetched in, mounts the artificial mare, embuggers him and meanwhile he fucks a pretty white bitch he has with him in the basket "36" He fucks a cow, it conceives and gives birth to a monster which, shortly thereafter, he fucks "" 37 In a similar basket he places a woman who receives a bull's member in her cunt He watches this entertaining spectacle "" 38 He has a tamed serpent which he introduces into his anus; while being thus sodomized, he embuggers a cat in a basket Firmly contained therein, the animal can do him no harm 39 He fucks a she-ass while having himself embuggered by an ass (For this delight an elaborate machine is indispensable We will give a description of it elsewhere ) That evening, Cupidon's ass is presented to the society THE 9TH 40 "He fucks the nostrils of a goat which meanwhile is licking his balls; and during this exercise, he is alternately flogged and has his asshole licked" 41 "He embuggers a sheep while a dog is licking his asshole" 42 "He embuggers a dog whose head is cut off while he discharges" "43" He obliges a whore to frig a donkey, he is fucked while observing this spectacle 44 He fucks a monkey's asshole, the animal is enclosed in a basket; while being sodomized, the monkey is tormented in order that its anus will constrict about the libertine's member "That evening, the tenth week's festival is celebrated by the marriage of Bum-Cleaver and Michette; the union is consummated, 'tis a dolorous experience for the bride" THE 10TH Martaine announces that she is going to move on to another passion, and that the whip, of central importance in Champville's contributions of December, will enjoy only a secondary one in hers "45" The procuress is obliged to find him girls guilty of some felony or other; he arrives, frightens them, says that they are going certainly to be arrested but that he will take it upon himself to protect them provided they will submit to a violent fustigation, and, afraid as they are, they let themselves be whipped till they bleed 46 Has a woman with beautiful hair brought to him, saying he simply wishes to examine her hair; but he cuts it off very traitorously and discharges upon seeing her melt into tears and bewail her misfortune, at which he laughs immoderately "" 47 With all sorts of attendant ceremonies, she enters a dark room She sees no one there, but overhears a conversation regarding her—give details of this conversation—which is of a nature to frighten her nearly to death "Finally, she receives a deluge of slaps and blows without knowing whence they come; she hears the cries accompanying a discharge, then is taken out of the room" 48 She enters a kind of subterranean sepulcher which is lit by nothing but a few oil lamps; they reveal all the horror of the place After a moment, during which she is able to observe everything, all the lamps are extinguished, a horrible series of screams and the rattling of chains are heard, she collapses in a swoon; if she does not faint, the noises are multiplied until finally she does fall unconscious from terror Once unconscious, a man swoops down upon her and embuggers her, then abandons her, and valets later come to her rescue; he must have very young and very inexperienced girls Novices, if possible "49" She enters a similar place, but provide a few details to distinguish it from the sepulcher above "She is stripped, thrust naked into a coffin, the coffin's lid is nailed down, and the rhythm of the hammer driving the nails finally excites the man's discharge" That afternoon, Zelmire was taken down to the cellars we have previously mentioned, which had been prepared in the manner we have just described The four friends are there, naked and equipped with weapons; Zelmire swoons, and while she is unconscious, Curval depucelates her bum The Président has been seized by the very same sentiments of love (mixed with lubric rage) for this girl that the Duc has for Augustine THE 11TH 50 The same Duc de Florville, of whom Duclos spoke on the 29th of November, and of whom Desgranges, in her fifth story, will speak on the 26th of February, wishes to have the corpse of a beautiful and recently murdered girl placed upon a bed covered with black satin; he fondles the body, explores its every nook and cranny, and embuggers it 51 Another individual requires two corpses, those of a boy and of a girl, and he embuggers the youth's dead body while kissing the buttocks of the girl's and driving his tongue into its anus "" "52" He receives the girl in a small room filled with most convincing wax representations of dead bodies, they are all pierced in various ways He recommends that the girl make her choice, saying he intends to kill her in whatever way she prefers, inviting her to choose the corpse whose wounds please her most "53" He binds her to an authentic corpse, knee to knee, mouth to mouth, and flogs her until the back of her body is covered with blood "Zelmire's ass is made the evening's treat, but before being served up, she is subjected to a trial, and she is advised that she will be killed that night; she believes what she is told but, instead of dispatching her, Messieurs are content each to give her a hundred lashes after having generously embuggered her, and Curval takes her to bed with him" She is further embuggered all night THE 12TH 54 The girl must be menstruating She arrives at his home, a valet conducts her to a room in the cellar where the libertine stands awaiting her, but he is near a kind of reservoir of icy water, more than twelve feet across and eight deep; it is concealed in such a way the girl does not notice it She approaches the man, he topples her into it, and discharges the instant he hears the splash; she is pulled back out at once, but as she is menstruating, severe disability is the very frequent result of her adventure "" "55" He lowers her into a very deep well and shouts down after her that he is about to fill it with large stones; he flings in a few clods of earth to frighten her, and discharges into the well, his seed landing on the naked whore's head 56 "He has a pregnant woman brought to him and terrifies her with threats and words, flogs her, continuing his ill-treatment of her until she either has a miscarriage there and then, or will surely have one when she returns home" If she disgorges her fruit while under his roof, she receives double payment 57 He locks her into a black dungeon, surrounded by cats, rats, and mice; he gives her to understand she has been put there for the rest of her life, and every day he goes to her door, frigs himself, and banters with her 58 He inserts sheafs of straw in her ass, ignites them, and watches her buttocks sizzle as the straw burns short That evening, Curval announces he will take Zelmire to be his wife, and does indeed publicly marry her The Bishop officiates at the wedding, the Président repudiates Julie who therewith falls into the greatest discredit, but her libertinage speaks strongly in her favor and the Bishop is disposed to protect her somewhat until the time shall arrive for him to declare himself entirely for her—he will so declare himself later on More clearly than ever before, upon this particular evening his associates notice Durcet's teasing hatred for Adelaide; he torments her, vexes her, she wails and is melancholy And her father, the Président, does not by any means give her his support THE 13TH 59 "He attaches a girl to a St" "Andrew's cross suspended in the air, and whips her with all his might, flaying her entire back" After which, he unties her and casts her out through a window, but mattresses are there to lighten her fall, upon hearing which he discharges Give further details of the scene in order to justify his reaction "60" "He has her swallow a drug which unhinges her imagination and causes her to see horrible things in the room" She fancies the room is being flooded, sees the water rise, climbs upon a chair, but still the water mounts, reaches her, and she is told that she has no alternative but to leap in and swim; she plunges, but falls upon the stone floor and injures herself badly 'Tis at this point the libertine discharges; previously, he has taken much pleasure in kissing her ass 61 He holds her suspended by a rope that runs up through a pulley affixed to the top of a tower; he stands at a window, she hangs directly outside and opposite him "He frigs himself and threatens to sever the rope as he discharges" "While all this is afoot he is being flogged, and earlier he induces the whore to shit for him" 62 "She is held by four slender cords, each attached to one of her limbs" She is held thus in a very cruel and painful position; a trap door is opened beneath her and a charcoal brazier, very hot, is discovered to her view: if the cords break, she falls thereupon The roué meddles with the cords, strains them, cuts one while discharging Sometimes he suspends the girl in the same attitude, places a weight upon her belly, then suddenly jerks all four cords, pulling her up, and in so doing rupturing her stomach and tearing her muscles She remains where she is until he discharges "63" "He binds her to a low stool; suspended a foot above her head is a dagger whose point is filed needle sharp; the dagger hangs by a hair—if the hair snaps, the dagger drives into her skull" The libertine frigs himself while watching his victim's anxious contortions An hour later, he frees her and bloodies her buttocks with light jabs of the same dagger which, he would like to have her remark, pricks very nicely; he discharges upon her blood-soaked ass That evening, the Bishop depucelates Colombe's bum, and after his discharge lashes her with a whip, for he cannot bear to have a girl cause him to discharge "" THE 14TH 64 He embuggers a young novice who knows nothing of the ways of the world, and as he discharges, he fires two pistol shots very close to her ear The powder singes her hair "" 65 He makes her sit down in an armchair balanced on springs; her weight releases a number of springs connected to iron rings which bind her tightly to the chair Certain levers and gears advance twenty daggers until their points graze her skin; the man frigs himself, the while explaining that the least movement of the chair will cause her to be stabbed He sprays his fuck upon her, in so doing touching the chair very delicately with his foot "" 66 A bascule carries her down into a small crypt hung in black and furnished with a prie-dieu , a coffin, and an assortment of death's heads She sees six specters armed with clubs, swords, pistols, sabers, poignards, and lances, and each is about to pierce her in a different place "" Overcome by fear, she sways, is about to fall; the man enters, catches her in his arms, and flogs her until he is weary, then discharges as he embuggers her If she is unconscious at the time he enters, and this is frequently the case, his lash restores her to her senses 67 She enters a room in a tower, in its center she sees a large charcoal brazier; upon a table, poison and a dirk; she is allowed to choose the manner whereby she is to perish It generally happens that she selects poison 'Tis a variety of opiate which plunges her into a profound drowsiness; while the spell lasts, the libertine embuggers her He is the same personage Duclos cited on the 27th of November and of whom Desgranges will say more on the 6th of February 68 "The same gentleman who will figure in Desgranges' story of the 16th of February goes through the entire ceremony of preparing to decapitate the girl; just as the blow falls, a rope suddenly snatches the girl's body away, the axe-blade sinks three inches into the block" "If the rope does not drag the girl away, she dies" He discharges while bringing down the axe But prior to this, he has embuggered her as she lies with her neck upon the block Colombe's ass is plumbed by the society that evening, and Messieurs pretend to cut off her head They are accomplished actors "" "THE 15TH" 69 He slips a noose around the whore's throat and hangs her Her feet rest upon a stool, a cord is tied to one leg of the stool, he sits in an armchair, watching and having the whore's daughter frig him When he discharges, he pulls the cord, the whore hangs, he leaves, valets enter and cut the whore down A leech lets some blood from one of her veins and she returns to life, but these attentions are given her without the libertine's knowledge He goes off to bed with the whore's daughter and sodomizes her all night long, while doing so telling her he has hanged her mother Have Martaine say that Desgranges will refer to him again 70 "He holds the girl by the ears and walks her around the room, discharging as he parades with her" "71" He pinches the girl's body, nipping her everywhere save upon the breast, till she turns black and blue "" 72 He pinches her breasts, molests them, and kneads them until they are completely bruised 73 He writes letters and words upon her breasts, working with a needle which has a poisoned tip; her breasts become infected, and she suffers excruciatingly 74 Drives between one and two thousand pins into her breasts, and discharges when he has covered them More libertine with every passing day, Julie is discovered frigging herself with Champville The Bishop affords her additional protection and thereafter admits her into his bedchamber, as the Duc has Duclos, Durcet Martaine, and Curval Fanchon Julie confesses that at the time of her repudiation, having been condemned to sleep in the stables with the other animals, she appealed to Champville and was taken into her chamber; they have been bedding together ever since THE 16TH 75 He buries large hatpins in the girl's flesh, dotting her entire body, her nipples included; he discharges after having driven home the last pin Desgranges will return to the same enthusiast in her fourth story of the 27th of February "" 76 He gives her a great deal to drink, then sews up her cunt and asshole; he leaves her thus sealed up till he remarks she is nigh to collapsing from the need to piss and shit, two activities which are impossible in the state she is in; or else he waits until the weight of the shit and the pressure of the piss finally breaks the stitches 77 Four gentlemen enter the room and cuff the girl, strike and kick her until she falls When she is down, all four mutually frig one another and discharge 78 She is deprived of air, then given air, then 'tis taken away again She is lodged within a pneumatic machine To celebrate the end of the eleventh week, the wedding of Colombe and Antinoüs takes place that day, and is consummated The Duc, who has been indulging in some prodigious cunt-fuckery with Augustine, has been seized by a lubricious fury: he has had Duclos hold her, and has given her three hundred lashes distributed between the middle of her back and her calves, and, after that, has embuggered Duclos while kissing Augustine's flogged ass Directly after having molested her, he does some foolish things, for his head is completely giddy: he has her sit beside him at table, will touch no food save what he has out of her mouth, dotes upon her, and does a thousand other things, all very illogical and very libertine "But he and his confreres are men of that strange turn of character" THE 17TH "79" "He binds the girl belly down upon a dining table and eats a piping hot omelette served upon her buttocks" He uses an exceedingly sharp fork 80 He immobilizes her head above a grill, lights a brisk fire, and roasts her until she loses consciousness, embuggering her steadily 81 "He gently toasts the skin of her breasts and buttocks, proceeding very gradually, and using sulphur-tipped matches" "82" He uses candles and extinguishes them again and again by snuffing them out in her cunt, her asshole, and upon her nipples "83" With a match he sears her eyelids; this prevents her from sleeping soundly that night, for she cannot close her eyes "That evening, the Duc depucelates Giton, who finds the experience discomfiting, for the Duc is enormous, fucks with great brutality, and Giton is, after all, only twelve" THE 18TH "84" Pointing a pistol at her heart, he obliges her to chew and swallow a live coal, and then he washes out her cunt with aqua fortis "" 85 He has her dance the olivettes Naked, she is to dance round four pillars; but the only path her naked feet can tread is studded with shards of broken glass and bits of sharp metal and pointed tacks and nails; by each pillar stands a man, a bundle of switches in his hand, and he lashes whichever side of her body she offers every time she passes by him She is thus obliged to run a certain number of turns around, it all depending upon whether she is more or less attractive The most beautiful are harried the most "86" He strikes her violently in the face until the blows of his fist bring blood from her nose, and he continues yet a while longer, the blood notwithstanding; he discharges and mixes his fuck with the blood she has lost 87 Employing very well-heated tongs, he pinches her flesh, and mainly her buttocks, her mons veneris and her breasts Desgranges will have more to say about this personage 88 Upon various parts of her naked, reclining body, especially the more sensitive areas, he places little mounds of gunpowder, then sets fire to them "" Giton's ass is made public property that evening, and after this ceremony, he is flogged by Curval, the Duc, and the Bishop, who have fucked him THE 19TH 89 He inserts a cylinder of gunpowder in her cunt, removes the cylinder, leaves the powder there; he puts a match to the charge and ejaculates upon seeing the flames dart forth "" Earlier, he has kissed her ass 90 He soaks her everywhere from head to foot with brandy, brings a match near and entertains himself with the spectacle of this poor girl all covered with flames Then he discharges "He repeats the same operation two or three times" 91 He gives her bowels a rinsing with boiling oil 92 He introduces a red-hot iron into her anus, another into her cunt, after having thoroughly whipped the latter "93" "He likes to trample upon a pregnant woman until she aborts" Prior to this he whips her "" That same evening, Curval depucelates Sophie's bum, but this ordeal succeeds another: she has first been given one hundred lashes by each of the friends and is streaming blood Directly Curval has discharged into her ass, he offers to pay the society five hundred louis for permission to take her down to the cellars that very evening and to be given a free hand with her "Curval's request is rejected, he re-embuggers her, and upon emerging from her ass after this second discharge, he gives her a kick which sends her sprawling upon a mattress fifteen feet away" He revenges himself upon Zelmire, whom he flogs till his arm aches THE 20TH 94 He appears to be caressing the girl who is frigging him, she suspects nothing; but at the moment he discharges, he seizes her head and batters it against the wall The blow is so strong and so unexpected that she usually falls unconscious 95 "They are four libertines assembled; they judge a girl, and, ultimately disagreeing upon what punishment to inflict, decide to sentence her individually" All in all, she receives one hundred strokes of the whip; each juror metes out twenty-five of them: the first flogs her from the back to "the loins, the second from the loins to the calves, the third from the neck to the navel, breasts included, the fourth from the belly to the shins" "96" Using a pin, he pricks each of her eyes, each nipple, and her clitoris "" "97" He drops molten sealing wax upon her buttocks, into her cunt, and upon her breasts 98 He opens the veins in one arm and bleeds her until she faints Curval suggests they bleed Constance because of her pregnancy; and bled she is, until she collapses, 'tis Durcet who acts as her leech That evening, Messieurs avail themselves of Sophie's ass, and the Duc proposes she be bled also, it could not possibly do her any harm, no, on the contrary, they might make a nice pudding of her blood for tomorrow's luncheon "His idea is acclaimed, Curval now plays the leech, Duclos frigs him while he operates, and he wishes to make the puncture at the same moment his fuck departs his balls; and he makes a generous puncture, but his blade finds the vein none the less" Despite it all, Sophie has pleased the Bishop, who adopts her for his wife, repudiating Aline, who falls into the greatest discredit THE 21ST 99 "He bleeds both of her arms and would have her remain standing while her blood flows; now and again he stops the bleeding and flogs her, then opens the wounds again, and this continues until she collapses" He only discharges when she faints Earlier in the game he had her shit for him "" 100 "He bleeds her from all four of her limbs and from her jugular vein too, and frigs himself while watching the five fountains of blood" "101" He lightly scarifies her flesh, concentrating upon her buttocks, but neglecting her breasts 102 "He scarifies her vigorously, cutting deep, devoting particular attention to her breasts and especially to her nipples, and to the environs of her asshole when he turns his attentions to her behind" "Next, he cauterizes the wounds with a red-hot iron" "" 103 "He is bound hand and foot, as if he were a wild beast, and he is draped in a tiger's skin" When thus readied, he is excited, irritated, whipped, beaten, his ass is frigged; opposite him is a plump young girl, naked and tied by her feet to the floor, by her neck to the ceiling, in such wise she cannot stir When the roué is all a-sweat, his captors free him, he leaps upon the girl, bites her everywhere and above all her clitoris and her nipples, which he generally manages to remove "with his teeth" He roars and cries like a ferocious animal, and discharges while shrieking "The girl must shit, he eats her turd upon the floor" That evening, the Bishop depucelates Narcisse; he is surrendered to the society the same evening, so that the festival of the 23rd will not be disturbed Before embuggering him, the Duc has him shit into his mouth and render him, together with the turd, his predecessors' fuck And then, after having sodomized the lad, Blangis scourges him THE 22ND 104 He pulls out her teeth and scratches her gums with needles Sometimes he heats the needles "" 105 He breaks one of her fingers, several upon occasion "106" Employing a heavy hammer, he flattens one of her feet 107 He removes a hand, sawing through the wrist 108 While discharging, he batters in her front teeth with a hammer He is very fond of sucking her mouth before proceeding to the major phase of his operation "The Duc depucelates Rosette in the rear that evening, and the same instant his prick sounds her ass, Curval extracts one of the little girl's teeth—this in order that she may experience two terrible pains at the same time" So that the morrow's festival not be disturbed, her ass is made generally available that same evening When Curval has discharged thereinto (and he is the last of the four to do so), he sends the child spinning with a blow of his fist THE 23RD Because of the holiday, only four are related "109" He amputates one foot 110 He breaks one of her arms as he embuggers her "111" Using a crowbar, he breaks a bone in her leg and embuggers her after doing so 112 He ties her to a stepladder, her limbs being attached in a peculiar manner, a cord is tied to the ladder; he pulls the cord, the ladder falls Sometimes she breaks one limb, sometimes another "" Upon that day Invictus was married to Rosette; their wedding celebrated the twelfth week's festival That evening, Rosette is bled after she has been fucked, and Aline is likewise bled after Hercule has fucked her; both are bled in such a way their blood spurts upon our libertines' thighs and pricks "Messieurs frig themselves while looking on, and discharge when both have fainted" THE 24TH 113 He cuts off one of her ears (See to it that you specify what these persons do by way of a prelude to their major stunt ) 114 He slits her lips and nostrils "" 115 After having sucked and bitten it, he pierces her tongue with a hot iron 116 He tears several nails from her fingers, and also from her toes 117 "He cuts off one of her fingers at the last joint" And, upon close questioning, the storyteller having said that, provided the wound is dressed at once, such a mutilation has no undesirable aftereffects, Durcet straightway cuts the end off one of Adelaide's fingers, for his lewd jesting and teasing have been increasingly directed against her "His practical joke fetches a discharge from him, his flow of fuck is accompanied by unheard-of transports" That same evening, Curval depucelates Augustine's ass, even though she is now the Duc's wife "Her anguish, her sufferings" "Curval rages against her afterward; he conspires with the Duc to take her down to the cellars without further delay, and they tell Durcet that if they are granted permission to carry out the expedition, they in their turn will allow him to dispatch Adelaide at once, but the Bishop delivers an impassioned sermon to those truants, and obtains the promise that they will restrain themselves yet a little longer for the sake of their own pleasure" Curval and the Duc hence limit themselves to giving Augustine a ferocious whipping Both lash her at once "THE 25TH" 118 He distills fifteen or twenty drops of molten lead into her mouth and burns her gums with aqua fortis 119 "After having had her lick his beshitted ass with her tongue, he snips off the end of that same tongue, then, when once she is mutilated, he embuggers her" 120 He employs a machine involving a hollow steel bit which bores holes in the flesh and which, when removed, takes with it a round chunk of flesh which is as long as the drill has penetrated; the machine bores on automatically if not withdrawn 121 He transforms a boy of ten or twelve into a eunuch "122" "With a pair of pliers isolating and raising each nipple, he cuts off the same with a pair of scissors" "" That same evening, Augustine's ass is made generally available While embuggering her, Curval had wished to kiss Constance's breast, and upon discharging, he made off with a nipple in his teeth, but as her wound was treated and bandaged at once, Messieurs assured one another that the accident would have no harmful effect upon the child in her womb Curval says to his colleagues, in answer to their pleasantries upon his mounting rage against Constance, that he has no control over the fury she inspires in him When in his turn the Duc embuggers Augustine, his own powerful feelings for that beautiful girl are exhaled with incomparable violence: had the others not kept an eye upon him, he would have injured her, either while mauling her breasts or squeezing her neck with all his strength as he discharged Once again he asks the society to put her in his power, but he is requested to wait for Desgranges' narrations His brother entreats him to be patient and abstain until he himself sets an example by dispatching Aline; haste, the Bishop points out, makes waste; and why spoil the latter part of the holiday by upsetting a schedule admirably designed to guarantee them a daily fare of moderation, wherein only happiness lies? However, the Duc will not listen to reason, he cannot any longer hold himself in check, and so, since he absolutely must torture the lovely girl, he is allowed to inflict a light wound upon her arm "He executes it upon the fleshy part of her left forearm, sucks blood from the cut he has made, and discharges; Augustine is so skillfully patched up that four days later no trace of the Duc's teeth marks is to be seen" THE 26TH 123 He breaks a bottle of thin glass against the face of the girl, who is bound and unable to protect herself; before doing so, he sucked her mouth with great vigor and sucked her tongue also 124 He tears off both her legs, ties one of her hands behind her back, puts a little stick into her free hand, and invites her to defend herself Then he attacks her, wielding his sword with great vigor and dexterity, wounds her here and there, and finally discharges upon her wounds 125 He stretches her upon a St Andrew's cross, goes through the ceremony of breaking her, strains but does not dislocate three of her limbs, but does definitely break the fourth, either an arm or a leg "" 126 Pistol in hand, he has her stand facing to the right and lets fly with a charge which grazes her two breasts; he aims to shoot away one of her little nipples 127 "He has her crouch down twenty feet away and present her buttocks; he shoots a bullet up her ass" That same evening, the Bishop depucelates Fanny's bum THE 27TH 128 The same man of whom Desgranges will speak on the 24th of February flogs a pregnant woman upon the belly until she miscarries; she must lay the egg in his presence, and he lashes her till she does 129 He very tidily castrates a young lad of sixteen or seventeen after having embuggered and whipped him 130 He must have a maiden brought to him, he slices off her clitoris with a razor, then deflowers her with a cylinder of heated iron, driving the device home with hammer blows 131 This personage performs an abortion when the woman's pregnancy has entered its eighth month He forces her to drink a certain brew which brings the child out dead in a trice Upon other occasions, this libertine by his art causes the child to be born from the mother's asshole But the child emerges dead, and the woman's life is gravely imperiled 132 He severs an arm That evening, Fanny's ass is made generally available, Durcet rescues her from a torture his colleagues had been preparing for her; he takes her to be his wife, has the Bishop perform the marriage, and repudiates Adelaide, who is submitted to the torture originally readied for Fanny It is however a paltry business after all: the Duc embuggers her while Durcet breaks her finger THE 28TH "133" "He cuts off both hands at the wrist and cauterizes the wounds with a hot iron" 134 "He removes the tongue, cutting it at the roots, and cauterizes it with a hot iron" "" 135 He amputates one leg, usually having someone else cut it off while he embuggers her 136 He extracts all her teeth, replacing each one with a red-hot nail, which he secures in place with a hammer; he does this directly after having fucked the woman in the mouth "137" He removes one eye Julie is roundly whipped by everyone that evening and all her fingers are pricked with a needle "" This latter operation takes place while the Bishop, who is passing fond of her, embuggers her "" THE 29TH "138" "Allowing molten sealing wax to flow thereupon, he blinds and ultimately dissolves first one eye, then the other" 139 He neatly slices off one breast, then cauterizes the wound with a hot iron Desgranges will here interject that 'tis this same man who made off with the nipple she is missing, and that she is positively certain he ate it after having cooked it upon a griddle "140" "He amputates both buttocks after having flogged and embuggered her" It is believed that he too eats the meat 141 "He shaves off both her ears" 142 Clips off all the extremities, to wit: ten fingers, ten toes, two nipples, one clitoris and the end of the tongue That evening, Aline, after a vigorous whipping given her by the four friends and an embuggery the Bishop performs for the last time, is condemned to have a finger on either hand and a toe on either foot cut off by each friend Thus she loses a total of eight parts "THE 30TH" "143" He carves away several chunks of flesh, selecting them from divers areas upon her body; he has them roasted and obliges her to eat them with him "Desgranges will mention the same man on the 8th and 17th of February" "" "144" He cuts off a young boy's four limbs, embuggers the trunk, feeds him well and allows him so to live; as the arms and legs were not severed too close to the body, the boy lives for quite a while And the surgeon embuggers him steadily for approximately a year 145 He chains one of the girl's hands and secures the chain to the wall; he leaves her thus, without food "Near her is a large knife, and just beyond her reach sits an excellent meal: if she wishes to eat, she has but to cut through her forearm; otherwise, she dies of starvation" "Prior to this he has embuggered her" He observes her through a window 146 "He manacles both mother and daughter; in order that they both survive, one has got to get to the food placed not far away: survival, that is, means that one must sacrifice a hand" He amuses himself listening to them discuss their dilemma, and argue about who is to resolve it She recounts only four stories, for that evening the thirteenth week's festival is to take place During it, the Duc, acting in the capacity of a woman, is married to Hercule, who is to be the husband; acting now as a man, the Duc takes Zéphyr to be his wife The young bardash who, as the reader is aware, possesses the prettiest ass amongst the eight boys, is dressed as a girl, and so clad appears as beautiful as the goddess of love The ceremony is consecrated by the Bishop and transpires within the sight of the entire household The dear little Zéphyr surrenders his virginal bum to the Duc, who finds all his pleasure therein, but much trouble making a successful entry; Zéphyr is rather badly torn, and bleeds profusely Hercule fucks the Duc throughout this operation "THE 31ST" 147 He plucks out both her eyes and leaves her locked in a room, saying that she has before her what she needs to eat, that she has but to get up and search for it But in order to reach the food she must cross a broad plate of iron, which, of course, she cannot see, and which is kept heated to a very high temperature Situated at a window, he amuses himself watching how she manages: will she burn herself, or will she prefer to perish from hunger? She has been, previously, very soundly whipped "" 148 He subjects her to the rope torture; this consists in having one's four limbs tied to ropes, then one is raised high in the air and suddenly dropped from a considerable height, then raised, then dropped; each fall dislocates and sometimes breaks the limbs, because one never quite falls to the ground, the ropes halting one just a short distance above it 149 He inflicts upon her a quantity of deep wounds into which he pours boiling pitch and molten lead 150 The moment after she gives birth to a child, he binds her hand and foot, and ties her child not far away from her The infant wails, she is unable to get to it "And thus she must watch it expire" Then he steps up and lashes the mother, aiming his whip-strokes at her cunt and managing the thing so that the interior of her vagina is well tickled He himself is usually the child's father "151" "He gives her copiously to drink, then sews up her cunt, her asshole and her mouth as well, and leaves her thus until the water bursts through its conduits, or until she dies" (Determine why there is one too many; if one is to be deleted, suppress the last, for I believe I have already used it ) That same evening, Messieurs avail themselves of Zéphyr's ass, and Adelaide is condemned to a rude fustigation, after which a hot iron is brought very close to the interior of her vagina, to her armpits, and she is slightly scorched beneath each nipple She endures it all like a heroine and frequently invokes God This further arouses her persecutors ""